#IG Live: Green Catalyst: Inside Sahanu’s Journey To Affordable Eco-Living and Sustainable Impact

Explore the sustainable journey of Sahanu, a passionate advocate for eco-conscious living. Here’s how she champions a plant-based lifestyle and advocates for a greener, more sustainable future.

The Disposal Company hosted a live session with Sahanu, a young sustainable enthusiast working as a consultant at Greenmyna. She has worked with many environmental NGOs to date. She also runs an eco store where eco-friendly materials are accessible at affordable prices.

She talks about her sustainability vision, eco store, sustainable marketing, Greenmyna, and sustainable lifestyle that she follows.

Key Points

In her store named, ‘Sanu ki eco store’, people find products that are required in daily life like bamboo toothbrushes, tooth tablets, and upcycled materials. 

The availability of eco-friendly products is very limited and expensive in tier-2 cities. That’s why Sahanu built her eco store to help people get sustainable products at reasonable prices. 

She thinks brands should emphasize paperless marketing instead of conventional marketing.

Greenmyna is known for arranging sustainable events and zero-waste weddings. Recently, she has worked in sustainable consultation for Mumbai and Pune Stadium during World Cup 2023.

She switched to a plant-based diet to minimize her environmental impacts. Man-made products can’t be decomposed by nature. They take a longer time to decompose. 

We should take lessons from our previous generations on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Listen to the full session here


Gen Z’s consciousness about sustainability stems from a combination of factors, including information accessibility, witnessing environmental changes, ethical considerations, and a sense of social responsibility. As a Gen-Z environmentalist Sahanu knows sustainability has environmental as well as social aspects. It gives us immense pleasure to do something for the environment and the society.

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