Plastic Neutrality: 4 Ways Brands Can Adopt It

A guide on why brands should take initiative to become Plastic Neutral and how should they adopt it for a sustainable business.

Today, the use of plastic is pervasive and threatens the ability of all species to survive. More so for the exploding D2C brands, as most of their packaging is made of plastic. 

E-commerce companies’ use of a ton of cartons, tapes, and bubble wrap also detracts from their good looks. Additionally, because plastic is non-biodegradable, it is still in the environment today in some form.

Plastic neutrality is a novel idea that is introduced here. Measure your plastic footprint to become plastic-neutral. Use waste management techniques to recycle the same amount of plastic waste. Although the term “plastic neutrality” differs from “plastic-free,” it shares the underlying ideal of not adding to the already-existing plastic waste in the environment.

So, what exactly is Plastic Neutrality?

Plastic Neutrality

Similar to how carbon credits are traded, plastic credits are used to offset plastic usage by one company. Plastic is actually recycled from the environment. 

Very few businesses in the world currently offer this plastic neutrality service, The Disposal Company, based in India, is the first company to take initiative to help brands achieve plastic neutrality and provide plastic credits.

Customers’ desire to patronize eco-friendly and sustainable brands is another motivator for D2C brands to adopt the new concept of going “plastic neutral.” Millennial consumers favor environmentally friendly, plastic-neutral, sustainable, or organic goods.

Why Your Brand Should Go Plastic Neutral

It’s a feasible answer to a critical issue. While it is unquestionably crucial for businesses to accept responsibility for the effects of their operations on the environment. However, doing so also makes good business sense.

Customers are increasingly looking for businesses whose values coincide with their own as they become more aware of plastic and its negative effects on the environment. Consumers’ worries about plastic waste are growing.

Customers are interested in knowing how much plastic is produced and discarded, not just from the packaging used to package their finished goods but also from the extra waste generated in factories and storage facilities. By altering your behavior, you set a positive example for customers and increase the appeal of your brand.

Read on to find out how to make your brand plastic neutral and achieve the Seal of Sustainability with The Disposal Company.

We Make Your Brand Plastic Neutral (Like Carbon Neutral)

To be plastic neutral, a company must ensure that for every kilogram of plastic used, a measured equivalent amount of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment by a person or organization through recycling/waste management efforts or plastic offset credits. Being plastic-neutral is an easy and reasonably inexpensive process. TDC is dedicated to assisting businesses in measuring, reducing, and mitigating their use of plastic. The Disposal Company gives you a Seal of Sustainability in a simple few steps. 

Join us today in 4 easy steps to take effortless, affordable, and effective climate action:

  • We determine your plastic footprint.
  • You provide the funding to remove an equivalent amount of plastic from our environment.
  • We create a roadmap for waste reduction for your company together.
  • Inform clients of your commitment to limiting climate change.

You are pledging to a solution that moves our world one step closer to a circular economy by accepting the Seal Of Sustainability. The Seal serves as a reminder to your customers that you are accountable for your use of plastic.

The Bottom Line

The Disposal Company is a plastic-neutral company based in India. The company helps businesses dispose of their plastic responsibly by offering a range of services (inc. hard to recycle plastics like PET and soft plastics) alongside waste management solutions that deal with as much plastic as possible.

Click here to become plastic-neutral.

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