Spicta and The Disposal Company: Redefining Oral Care with Sustainability at Its Core

Here’s a D2C oral care brand with plant-based products and a commitment to plastic neutrality while embracing eco-conscious practices.

Let’s face it, the act of brushing can feel monotonous. When you lack enjoyment in this routine, you might not give your teeth the attention they deserve. However, your teeth require similar care to your skin. To achieve this, you need suitable products that complement your mouth rather than work against it.

Spicta stands as an inventive oral care brand striving to offer natural, toxin-free, and efficient alternatives to conventional oral care labels. Their formulations comprise high-quality, clean ingredients supported by scientific research.

Spicta brings plant-based organic oral care products

Spicta provides a selection of oral care items that are free from fluoride, toxins, and alcohol, delivering comprehensive solutions for oral health. Moreover, they present a distinctive variety of herbal flavors, setting them apart from the usual mint options found in traditional products.

The brand incorporates natural foaming agents such as coconut oil to provide the advantages of gentle foaming, eliminating the adverse effects of SLS. 

Its products are formulated using plant-based extracts, like Sea Green Tea Leaf or Aloe Vera extracts. Each ingredient is carefully chosen based on its specific benefits for oral health. Their products have innovative flavors like cucumber mint toothpaste or peach mint mouthwash.

Spicta’s Plastic Neutrality Journey

They prioritize addressing the plastic waste generated by their products and hold themselves accountable for sustainability. With a firm commitment, the brand has partnered with The Disposal Company (TDC) to achieve 100% plastic neutrality. This means the brand is dedicated to recycling an equivalent amount of plastic to offset its plastic footprint.

The Co-Founder of this brand discussed her brand vision, and why she thought about a sustainable oral care brand during The Disposal Company’s podcast ‘Green Gossip’.


The brand endeavors to debunk misconceptions surrounding oral care and enlighten consumers about the correct methods to maintain their dental health. On the other hand, they are taking significant steps to build a sustainable brand.

The Disposal Company is elated to be a part of their sustainability journey.

The Disposal Company is leading the way in climate action in India, providing brands with a revolutionary platform that allows them to achieve plastic neutrality and carbon neutrality, and drive positive change for the environment. Click here to discover how.

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