#IG Live: Ann Anra’s Insights on Sustainable Living and Thriving Against Waste

Dive into the inspiring journey against waste with Ann Anra, and her insights on combating solid waste challenges in urban areas with The Disposal Company.

Embarking on the journey to combat waste is often considered the most challenging step, and it’s commendable that you’ve taken that leap. Every responsible citizen plays a crucial role and can contribute to the cause.

The Disposal Company organized a live session with Ann Anra, the founder of Wasted 360 Solutions. She is an environmental entrepreneur. She founded it in 2019 to sustainably address solid waste concerns faced in metros. 

During this live session, she spoke about the reason for building her brand, the concept of thrifting, tips to make sustainable choices, and many more.

Key Points

  • You can easily get data about waste production in your country or worldwide on the internet. However, it’s very hard to find any data on post-consumer waste in your city.
  • After extensive research, Anny found that 20 categories of waste are overflowing in the landfills along with plastics. Surprisingly, she discovered that these types of waste have no data. From this point, she wanted to build a thrift store in her city Chennai.
  • Refuse, Reduce, and Rethink — that is the concept of thrifting to her. She also keeps products of some sustainable brands in her store. Conscious consumerism is all about repurposing, reusing, and mindful buying. 
  • Anny discussed the several challenges faced by herself and other eco-entrepreneurs at the initial stage. In her thrift store, she builds a circular business model.
  • She believes any milestone doesn’t feel enough when you see the scale of the problem. Rather she wants to glorify the job opportunities that she created through her store. Anny emphasized the importance of waste workers for paving the way towards sustainability. 
  • Segregation is the most important step in any kind of waste management system for businesses. Organizations should follow the proper waste management policy and encourage their employees to take responsibility for a bigger purpose.
  • She is optimistic that the waste management sector can create millions of jobs shortly. Only it needs proper training of the waste pickers, segregation, and recycling facility.

You can listen to the full session here.


She concluded the session by suggesting you should not get overwhelmed by the climate crisis news. Just take small steps every day to build a sustainable life. Remember you can’t achieve 100% in your sustainability journey.

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