7 Tips To Plan a Zero Waste Wedding

Discover seven essential tips for planning a zero-waste wedding. It highlights practical strategies for couples committed to environmentally responsible ceremonies.

In recent years, a remarkable shift has emerged in the realm of weddings — a movement toward sustainability and eco-conscious celebrations. Couples are reimagining the traditional extravagance associated with weddings and instead embracing the concept of zero-waste ceremonies. This trend isn’t just a fad; it’s a conscientious choice that embodies a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible living.

Use e-invites, recycled and seed paper invites

Opt for electronic invitations over paper ones. If you prefer physical invitations, keep the quantity minimal and consider using recycled paper, bamboo, or seeded invitations. By choosing e-invites you set the tone for an eco-friendly celebration right from the start.

Choose your venue wisely

Choose a venue that prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness by utilizing solar energy, practicing waste composting and recycling, collaborating with NGOs to donate surplus food and fresh flowers, offering reusable decor, and providing outdoor spaces like lawns for daytime events.

Decor wisely

The decor at a zero-waste wedding is a canvas for creativity. Reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials take center stage, with couples often opting for potted plants, rented decor, or DIY crafts made from repurposed items. Flowers, a quintessential part of weddings, are sourced locally and reused or composted post-celebration. Instead of single-use plastic, sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled glass are chosen for tableware and decorations.

Support Sustainable Brands

Brides and grooms are exploring sustainable fashion options, opting for vintage gowns, or choosing to rent or purchase ethically-made attire. Some couples even repurpose family heirlooms or upcycle fabrics to create unique, eco-conscious wedding garments. Beyond the couple, guests are encouraged to wear outfits they already own or can re-wear, promoting a culture of sustainability.

Keep a check on Food waste

Catering is another area where eco-friendly choices shine. Couples embracing a zero-waste wedding often opt for local, organic, and seasonal menus to reduce their carbon footprint. Buffet-style servings or family-style meals minimize packaging waste, and using reusable tableware further contributes to waste reduction. Leftovers, if any, are donated to local shelters or food banks to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Avoid Single-use-plastics

Substitute plastic water bottles with stations offering flavored filtered water. Provide reusable water bottles and jugs in guest rooms. Replace paper napkins with cloth alternatives. Utilize ceramic, steel, or bamboo cutlery. Segregate dry and wet waste to facilitate easier composting after the festivities conclude. Recycling stations and compost bins are strategically placed throughout the venue to ensure proper disposal.

Wedding Gifts

Consider using gift registry services or e-gift cards, which can reduce the waste generated by gifts by nearly 50%. Alternatively, if you do not require any gifts, kindly ask guests to support charitable causes instead. Donating gifts to those in need is a thoughtful way to embark on your journey together.

Zero waste wedding planner

Recently, a young environmentalist Sahanu discussed zero-waste weddings in a live session with The Disposal Company. She is working in Greenmyna which is a zero-waste wedding and event planner. 


In essence, a zero-waste wedding is a testament to love — not only for each other but also for the planet. It embodies the belief that a wedding can be exquisite, heartfelt, and joyous while also being environmentally responsible. As this trend continues to gain traction, it heralds a future where celebrations are synonymous with sustainability, inspiring couples and guests alike to embrace eco-conscious choices in all aspects of life.

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