#IGLive: Insights from Komal Singh’s Journey and Practical Tips for a Greener Tomorrow

Discover insights from Komal Singh’s journey to sustainable living, from battling improper waste management to advocating for eco-friendly practices with TDC.

The Disposal Company organized a live session with sustainable and green lifestyle enthusiast Komal Singh. She talked about gardening, composting, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. She creates content on how to live sustainably in urban areas.

Key Points 

Komal used to live in Powai, Maharashtra after her graduation. There was a huge landfill in her locality besides one slum. It disheartened her as the improper waste management was affecting the nearby people. She started to think about a sustainable lifestyle from that day.

She believes the childhoods of Gen-Y were more sustainable compared to present generations. Capitalism has recently shifted our mindset to the ‘buy more — consume more’ pattern. Komal gave some simple tricks to start gardening at your home. She thinks Red Spinach (Amaranth), Brinjal, and Vendi are the easiest vegetables to grow.

Komal also discussed facing problems with following a vegan diet. However, she is in the learning and experimenting phase. She avoids plastic-packaged ready-to-eat foods rather than making cookies on her own.

She emphasized social media influencers’ impact on people to buy unconsciously. Think before purchasing new clothes to follow the trends of ‘fast fashion’. Buy less, create more, and start growing your food — this anyone can follow to start a sustainable living. She concluded the session with her favorite recipe microgreen parathas.

Listen to the full session here.


Sustainable living is not expensive. You can start it through small steps at a time. Whatever you do for your sustainable living directly nurtures our environment.

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