About Us

Sustainability is no more a choice. Today it has become a way of life, a necessity and a scalablity factor for businesses and brands. Lot of young entrepreneurs as well as giant corporates are together creating innovative solutions to make the Planet a better place. And India is at the forefront of a lot of these efforts.

Moreover, as the Sustainability industry evolves and newer concepts keep emerging every day on climate and environmental consciousness – it might be hard to follow the latest trends, concepts and updates around Sustainability.

Thus, we have made a conscious and dedicated effort to bring Sustainability to you – making it easy, making it simplified and above all, making it cool!

The Green Vibe, is conceptualized by The Disposal Company as a platform to unify all content from the vast and emerging sector of Sustainability. We bring you inspiring stories, pathbreaking concepts and innovative ideas – all around making this World, a cleaner place for our future generations.

To join the tribe and feel the vibe, do email us on contact@thedisposalcompany.com

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