Sustainable Events: Elevate Your Event’s Profile with the Seal of Sustainability™

The concept of sustainable events and how The Disposal Company can elevate an event’s profile with a plastic neutrality scheme.

In recent years, the global shift towards sustainability has prompted industries of all kinds to reconsider their practices and make more environmentally conscious choices. The event industry, known for its elaborate setups, large crowds, and significant resource consumption, is no exception. As the world becomes more attuned to the pressing need for sustainable living, hosting an event that embraces ecological responsibility is not only a moral obligation but also a strategic move to enhance an event’s profile. 

Select green event venues

A green event venue actively engages in sustainable practices and strives to meet specific sustainability criteria and benchmarks. One of the primary indicators of a green event venue is the presence of sustainability certifications. 

In cases where such certifications are not available in the intended event location, it’s essential to compile a set of sustainable prerequisites that you desire the venue to adhere to. These prerequisites might encompass the utilization of renewable energy sources, the adoption of reusable or compostable tableware, a venue layout that maximizes natural illumination, and the implementation of energy-efficient measures like motion-sensing light switches.

Choose a venue that is conveniently accessible through public transportation or via short plane or train rides. Otherwise, all the diligent efforts invested in opting for a green venue might be outweighed by the carbon emissions generated by attendees in their efforts to reach the place.

Incentivize public transportation and carpooling

After selecting a venue that can be reached via public transportation, it’s crucial to effectively convey this information to your attendees. Failing to inform attendees about the convenient public transportation choices available could result in them overlooking this option and seeking alternative commuting methods to reach your event.

Utilize social media platforms or send out detailed maps via email, outlining bus and train routes for all participants. If feasible, provide fare details or share a link that offers a fare calculation tool to facilitate their travel planning.

Choose a venue with LED lighting

Reach out to the event venue to ascertain whether they have adopted LED light bulbs, a measure that can lead to substantial energy savings during the event. In the event that they have not transitioned to LED lighting, this presents an opportune moment to advocate for this change. 


When making choices regarding the venue or catering services, ensure that they have a well-established recycling initiative in place. In cases where this is lacking, clearly communicate your recycling expectations and inquire whether they have the capability to recycle materials like paper, cardboard, tins, glass, plastic, and cooking oil. 

Should the venue require additional resources to bolster its recycling efforts, view this as a potential avenue for sponsorship. For instance, you can leverage digital platforms to highlight a specific sponsor’s contribution to your sustainability objectives.

Opt for Plastic Neutrality

The category of single-use products encompasses disposable tableware, utensils, plastic straws, bags, balloons, coffee stirrers, food packaging, plastic beverage bottles, and similar items. The environmental impacts of these products are significant, as they do not fully disintegrate but rather deteriorate into microplastics, persistently causing harm to wildlife and ecosystems.

In this scenario, The Disposal Company (TDC) can help you to neutralize the plastic waste that is generated after the event. TDC retrieves the plastic waste, segregates it, and sends it for recycling. 

After that, you will get the Seal Of SustainabilityTM for Plastic Neutrality from TDC.

Organize essential waste management

It’s essential to guarantee the presence of clearly labeled bins strategically positioned throughout your event venue, accompanied by symbol that is easily comprehensible. Ensure that the placement of your signs is at eye level rather than at the bottom of the bins. 

Moreover, tailor the bin openings to match the items they are intended for, such as employing circular apertures for cans and bottles or narrower slits for paper disposal. The diverse bin covers will prompt individuals to pause and reconsider before discarding their items.

Sustainable catering

Look for caterers who offer sustainable choices. By doing so, you not only endorse local producers but also contribute to environmental preservation, as shorter transportation distances for food to reach your event are more eco-friendly. If the feasibility of this approach is limited for your event, consider sourcing organic produce from certified suppliers. This type of produce is cultivated using sustainable practices that prioritize the enduring health and integrity of soil and water systems.

Donate leftover food

In spite of your meticulous attempts to accurately gauge the catering requirements of your attendees, it’s highly probable that there will be surplus food remaining at the conclusion of your event. Instead of directing perfectly consumable food to a landfill, even if it’s compostable, consider contributing any edible surplus to a nearby food bank or shelter. This not only entails providing nourishment to those who require it but also contributes to your role in curbing post-consumer food waste.


In a world that is waking up to the significance of sustainability, events have a unique opportunity to lead by example. By making conscious choices at every stage of event planning and execution, event organizers can reduce their ecological footprint while creating a memorable and impactful experience for attendees.

Recently, Coldplay shared the sustainability report of their event which sets a new benchmark in the music industry.

If you are planning to organize a sustainable plastic-neutral event contact us here.

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