#IGLive: Insights from ‘Mudman’ Ram Arora’s Earthy Journey 

Discover practical tips on composting, waste reduction, and a minimalist lifestyle shared in a live session with TDC which can make a big difference in fostering a connection with nature

Ram Arora, a sustainable enthusiast came on a live session of Sustainability Spark organized by The Disposal Company. He is also known as ‘mudman’ on Instagram for his love of mother nature.

In this session, he gave some simple tips about sustainable living, composting, gardening, and a minimalist lifestyle. 

Key Points

The speaker feels a connection with nature whenever he touches the soil. As a full-time professional, he does composting, farming, and volunteering work related to nature during the weekends. You can start sustainable living by some small steps like segregating your waste at home. Ram thinks it can reduce the burden of rag pickers who work continuously backstage. 

Carry your reusable bag before stepping out of the home if you don’t have a plan for buying anything. It’s an important step to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Also, you can carry your handkerchief to avoid paper towels outside.

He emphasized reducing food waste as a lot of hard work and energy are required to produce food. Ram has been doing composting in his home for the last 7 years. However, during this session, he showed practically his 3-layer composter.

He mentioned some organizations in Bengaluru like Saahas, SWMRT, and SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra which are helping people with composting and waste management. He also mentioned a brand named ‘Daily Dump’ to get composter easily.

Discover the practical green living tips here.


There will be some hindrances when you start sustainable living. You have to keep going on through small steps which the ‘mudman’ is following in his life. 

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