#IGLive: How Ratika Khandelwal’s Eco-Conscious Living Can Transform You

An enlightening conversation on how yoga can help you lead a sustainable life by fostering a deeper sense of responsibility for the environment.

Yoga and sustainable living share a deep and harmonious connection. In essence, yoga provides a mindset conducive to sustainable living by promoting self-awareness, mindful consumption, and a deeper connection with the environment. This synergy underscores the idea that a healthy planet and a healthy self are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

Ratika Khandelwal, a passionate advocate for sustainable health and living, cultivated a deep appreciation for India’s rich heritage. During a live session with The Disposal Company (TDC), she shared insights into her personal journey, her brand, her profound affection for yoga, and the aspects of Indian culture that resonate with her. Ratika holds certifications as a yoga instructor and is a digital content producer, crafting videos focused on yoga, gardening, and sustainable living.

Key Points

She believes sustainability is not a new concept. It has existed in Indian culture for a long time.

She gave the idea of hosting a sustainable event. Last year her parents organized a sustainable party on her birthday. They kept ceramic glass and plates for the guests instead of plastic ones. Also, the party was free of plastic glass and tissues.

She expressed her concern about recent climate news like Global Boiling, and record temperature rise in the month of July 2023.

She thinks if we gradually shift to sustainable living, it will boost the economic growth of our country. She talked about organic farming which is adopted by some states now.

She thinks you should differentiate between your needs and wants for mindful living. You should focus on whatever is in your hands to minimize the waste rather than waiting for someone else.

She firmly believes that every action counts. As an individual what you can do will surely count for tackling the effects of climate change.

Listen to the full session here to get some insights on yoga, sustainable living, and many more.


As a certified yoga teacher, she suggests you can practice any pranayam or yoga unless you have any medical disorder. Sustainable living encourages minimizing waste and reducing one’s carbon footprint. Similarly, yoga’s philosophy of simplicity and non-excess aligns with the idea of consuming less and making eco-conscious choices.

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