#IGLive: Making Sustainability Easier with Soumya Manthena

In an era of climate anxiety delve into a realistic conversation on the easiest steps of sustainable living. 

Sustainable lifestyle blogger Soumya Manthena has joined in a live session with The Disposal Company to discuss simple and affordable tips on sustainable living. 

She creates content that predominantly revolves around her eco-conscious, minimalist, and low-waste lifestyle. Using her Instagram platform, she endeavors to demystify the essence of sustainable living and provide insights into the straightforward process of adopting it through the practice of mindfulness in daily actions.

Key Points

Soumya emphasized starting very basic things to live a sustainable life. She thinks using reusable cloth bags or containers are significant step to avoid single-use plastics.

She suggests everyone do a dry waste audit on a monthly basis at home. It helps to recognize where you can reduce the amount of waste generated.

She makes Bioenzymes using kitchen waste to clean her home in a sustainable way. Being a mother she had a concern about reducing chemical use as much as possible. She started her own sustainable journey with DIY skincare and baby care products.

She believes in taking one step at a time toward sustainability and being consistent about it. She gave an amazing idea of composting that anybody can start at home with dry leaves and kitchen waste!

According to her ‘Buying less’ is the major step to reduce the devastating effects of fast fashion. You should cut down on your impulsive buying habit. Before purchasing any dress think how much time you will wear it.  

For more such insightful tips listen to the full session here.


Sustainability is not expensive. The speaker believes anybody can embrace sustainability through small steps. Change your mindset and think about the larger picture. Whatever you can do will surely add up to a bigger problem. Your sustainable activity might be encouraging for other people to follow. 

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