#IG Live: Insights from Vidhi Adhikari’s Eco-Friendly Journey to Sustainable Living

Explore practical tips on reducing waste, eco-friendly alternatives, composting, and vegan recipes which are discussed in The Disposal Company’s insightful live session.

The Disposal Company hosted a live session with Vidhi Adhikari, a freelance French tutor and content creator. She started her sustainable journey by purchasing menstrual cups. She creates content about how to reduce overall trash in your daily life. During this session, she talks about her sustainable journey, vegan recipes, recycling, composting, cruelty-free cosmetics, and many more.

Key Points

  • According to her, you should first check your home what you already have and you don’t need to buy anything new. Second, if you can’t compost your food waste try to reduce it. Third, do a waste audit at your home and try to figure out which one is recyclable in your locality.
  • She shared one of the easiest methods of composting at home. Take one old bucket and make some holes in it for moisture. Keep your food waste inside it and put a layer of floor dust upon it. 
  • Transitioning to a fully vegan lifestyle may not be possible for everyone. However, you can reduce your meat and dietary intake or try to eat vegan junk food.
  • Vidhi shared one of her favorite vegan recipes as well here.  She makes vegan meat from maida. It’s called ‘Seitan’ which originated in ancient China.
  • She suggested using toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrushes as an eco-friendly toiletary
  • Vidhi knows that avoiding plastics in cosmetics is very difficult. Instead, try to find out those brands who take back the empty products and refill them again.
  • She mentioned the names of sustainable brands like Ernie Eco for personal care and home care products as it offers a refill option. For cleaning products, she uses Javi Officials as their products are plastic and water-free. 

Listen to the full session here


Vidhi believes that being sustainable is much more important than buying sustainably. Everybody should focus on generating less waste as much as possible instead of following a zero-waste lifestyle.

India’s sustainability landscape is being transformed by The Disposal Company, which is offering a pioneering platform that empowers brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral. Learn more here.

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