Benefits Of Recycling: Environmental And Social

Examining the various health impacts and benefits that recycling plastic instead of disposing of it can have on the earth and society.

From our previous blog, we know that all plastics are not created equal. And it is a sad truth that only 75% of all the plastics produced globally can be recycled. The other 25% of hazardous plastics cannot be recycled.

But, we’re focusing on the recyclable 75% of the plastic here. And only a small percentage of recyclable plastic is recycled. This is due to a lack of awareness among the public and companies about the various ways recycling plastic can benefit us.

Plastic waste should be converted into truly functional products rather than discarded in environmentally unfriendly ways. This process, known as plastic recycling, reduces the need for the virgin plastic material to manufacture new products. By recycling plastic, we can reduce waste, save resources, and turn it into new, useful products.

Plastic-free is not a short-term goal. Recycling plastic is the only way to ensure that additional plastic is not created that further contributes to the plastic pollution problem.

Here are some great benefits that recycling plastic has on the environment and society both.


The main cause of climate change is the massive consumption of material goods. By extracting and harvesting raw materials from the earth, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. The production of plastic also releases greenhouse gases from nonrenewable fuels. Because plastic recycling uses less oil in the production of new plastic, it also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to reducing air pollution, recycling materials help mitigate global warming.


As the world population grew and became more urban during the twentieth century, waste production grew tenfold. And urban waste generation is increasing. Cities around the world will generate more than three times as much waste by 2025 as they did in 2009.

The majority of the waste is plastic. Landfill sites are rapidly dwindling. Habitable land is becoming increasingly valuable due to the growth in the human population. By reusing and recycling plastics, we can significantly reduce landfill space consumption. One ton of plastic recycled can save 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.


Plastic recycling is a difficult task that requires expertise to ensure efficient waste diversion. The recycling sector has many job opportunities due to the establishment of businesses around the world by recyclers. This has indirectly contributed to economic growth.

The plastic recycling industry employs millions of waste pickers and workers around the globe and provides them with a way to livelihood.


According to a United Nations report, marine pollution is harming over 800 animal species and causing significant economic losses in many countries.

The most effective way to protect natural resources and animals are to recycle plastic. Marine organisms often consume plastic waste which is harmful to their health and sometimes even causes choking and death. The same is true for land animals, particularly domestic animals in urban areas. This is equally harmful to humans and animals who consume that water. As a result, recycling plastic helps to preserve natural habitat and ecosystem balance.


Businesses have a significant impact on the lifestyle of the communities in which they operate. Businesses that work with their internal and external stakeholders to raise awareness and promote the positive effects of plastic reuse and recycling will undoubtedly bring about a radical transformation in environmental conservation.


By adopting methods like Plastic Neutrality and Positivity, brands set a positive example for other brands in the industry and encourage them to take up similar initiatives to curb plastic pollution. The Disposal Company provides sustainability solutions to brands and individuals in India and the UK. Contact us to learn more about Plastic Offsetting and to collaborate in an initiative to go plastic-neutral.

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