#GreenGossip Podcast: Sustainable Gifting of Offiga

Green Gossip is a podcast that explores the life stories and vision of the famous sustainable brand’s founders. It is brought to you by The Disposal Company and sponsored by Vanity Wagon. Read on to know more about a sustainable brand that helps leading companies build deep human connections with their employees and clients through eco-friendly gifting solutions as well as maintains the pillars of corporate sustainability.

Episode 9 | Sustainable Gifting: Offiga’s Eco-Friendly Solutions

Green Gossip podcast is hosted by Bhagyashree Bhansali, the Founder & CEO of The Disposal Company.

In this episode, the guests were Tarun Sidharth & Priyashna Kalra, the founders of Offiga, a B2B brand that helps the world’s leading organizations through employee engagement and gift rewards programs.

Offiga was founded in 2019, with a retail brand SnapMojo, to revolutionize the gifting experience through personalization. Since its inception, they have experienced remarkable growth, with a revenue increase of over 600% and the satisfaction of more than 30,000 customers. They assist businesses in fostering more profound and significant relationships with their staff and customers. With their comprehensive 360° solutions, they produce quantifiable outcomes, relieving you of the burden of managing it all, and allowing you to concentrate on propelling your organization to new heights.

Tarun spoke about his childhood when he used to go to the nearby shop by walking, used public transport, and avoided throwing garbage outside which was kind of sustainable to him.

Tarun and Priyashna were employed in the same organization. One day they realized the potential impact of plastics on the environment when they were packing orders. It leads them to recognize the need to think about this issue.

As brand owners, they focused on sustainability including both social and environmental. They gave employment to most of the females coming from marginalized backgrounds. Besides this, they support fair labor practices and donate t-shirts, and food to the local waste workers.

They are trying to reduce their plastic footprint as much as possible. They emphasized recycling their plastic waste. Tarun believes that sustainability in a business means offering fair wages, good working conditions, avoiding the use of harmful tools, and focusing on quality.

Listen to the full podcast here to know more about their journey and brand vision.

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The Disposal Company is India’s first climate action platform which enables brands to go sustainable & plastic-neutral. Join us on Green Gossip as we delve into the personal aspect of sustainability through compelling stories. 

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