#GreenGossip Podcast: Go Desi Brings Revolution in the FMCG Sector

Green Gossip is a podcast that explores the life stories and vision of the famous sustainable brand founders. It is brought to you by The Disposal Company and sponsored by Vanity Wagon. Read on to know more about a FMCG brand that gives its customers the feeling of childhood nostalgia with its sustainable and mouthwatering products.

Episode 6 | Sustainability Starts With Local: Go Desi’s Revolutionising Journey

Green Gossip podcast is hosted by Bhagyashree Bhansali, the Founder & CEO of The Disposal Company.

In this episode, the guest was Vinay Kothari, the founder of GO DESi, a sustainable and renowned FMCG brand in India. Vinay talked about how his childhood memories shaped his views on sustainability. As a result, he took conscious steps to implement sustainable practices into his business as well as gave employment to 250 women in rural areas of Karnataka.

GO DESi is a brand of packaged food that draws inspiration from various regional flavors, tastes, and formats. Their goal is to give the customers a culinary experience that showcases the vast diversity of flavors, tastes, and stories that India has to offer. They are committed to excluding certain components from their products, such as artificial colors or preservatives, refined sugar, and excessive processing.

Vinay spent his childhood in many places in India due to his father’s transferable job. His love for nature bloomed at an early age. He understood nature is an important part of our lives. He personally believes in a balanced lifestyle.

Vinay is conscious of the carbon footprint of his brand. However, they buy their raw materials from the local farmers to reduce emissions by transportation, recycle the plastics that are generated in their business, and plant trees to reduce their overall carbon footprint as a company.

Vinay believes that long-term sustainability initiatives will definitely pay off. His dream is that GO DESi becomes an inspiration for many organizations which believe that capitalism is not a zero-sum game anymore. As a brand owner from rural India, he thinks capitalism can be a tool to solve large world problems.

Listen to the full podcast here to know more about their journey and brand vision.

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