#IGLive: Unlocking the Power of Upcycling with Arushi Sana

A conversation on how to live sustainably by embracing upcycling and organic eating habits.

Upcycling is the process of transforming old or discarded materials into new products of higher value, quality, or usefulness. It involves taking something that would otherwise be considered waste or useless and finding creative ways to repurpose it, giving it a new life and purpose.

During Van Mahotsav Week, The Disposal Company organized an Instagram live with the Sustainability Consultant Arushi Sana. It was an insightful discussion on upcycling, organic farming, and sustainable living.

Arushi is the founder of NYK Daily and a sustainability enthusiast. She has been recognized as Times Power Women of the Year, in 2022. In her personal life, she practices sustainable living and leads a zero-waste life.

Here’s How It Went…

The conversation started with the growing importance of organic farming. Arushi thinks people should buy vegetables from the local market instead of buying from supermarkets. In her house, she has started to grow some kitchen herbs. She believes it’s not necessary to live in an independent home or bungalow to start growing vegetables or herbs. There are so many things that have to be done globally to implement sustainable agriculture.

She also thinks upcycling is creativity. She runs a business of upcycling furniture where discarded wooden pieces are transformed into creative furniture. For her marriage she got some wooden trays for gifts which she converted into planter stands.

She strongly believes we can reduce our footprints gradually by following these easy methods.  

Listen to the full session here to get more insightful tips on upcycling and sustainable living.

To Conclude

By upcycling, people can contribute to sustainability efforts, reduce their environmental footprint, and embrace a more conscious and creative approach to consumption. It promotes the idea of “reusing” rather than “buying new,” ultimately benefiting the environment and encouraging a more circular economy.

With its pioneering climate action platform, The Disposal Company is leading the charge towards a sustainable future in India, enabling brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral with ease. Discover more here.

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