#IG Live: Cultivating a Nation Green Advocates With Peepal Baba

The inspiring journey of Peepal Baba, his remarkable efforts in leading India’s largest tree-planting movement, and the importance of community-driven initiatives.

Swami Prem Parivartan, widely recognized as ‘Peepal Baba,’ was born into an army officer’s family in Chandigarh in 1966. His journey into tree planting commenced at the age of 11 in Pune, where he planted his inaugural tree at Pune Military Station on January 26, 1977. Encouraged by his fourth-grade teacher, his passion for planting trees burgeoned, leading to the establishment of an eco club named Give Me Trees. Enlisting the help of friends, classmates, and even strangers, he initiated a movement focused on tree planting and nurturing. Today, the Give Me Trees Trust stands as India’s foremost community-driven initiative dedicated to tree planting and conservation.

With an impressive track record of over 20 million trees planted across 18 states in India, Swami Prem Parivartan traverses the country, fostering an appreciation for trees among diverse groups such as children, social clubs, societies, NGOs, colleges, universities, and various institutions. 

His mission is centered on the ‘three Bs’ — bees, birds, and butterflies — emphasizing the significance of shade, fruit trees, and native species in the realm of preservation and conservation efforts.

Today, during a live session with The Disposal Company he discussed the evolution of his organization, the passion behind it, and his vision.

Key Points

In his childhood, he didn’t listen the words like ‘sustainability’ or ‘carbon credits’.

His grandmother had a profound impact on transforming his hobby into a passion.

Passion for tree plantation is much bigger than the numbers. He always tries to incorporate that passion into his employees.

His team visits schools in different states to teach the children about nature and biodiversity. He thinks we should educate our children to work for nature.

He thinks that trees and forests are our national assets and citizens of our planet. He gave some interesting tips on home gardening sustainably.

The speaker strongly believes that action speaks louder than words.

Listen to the full session here


To create a movement you need a community. That’s why ‘Give Me Trees’ is the largest community in our country. He concluded the session with one important message that we should increase green content in our lives and surroundings.

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