#GreenGossip Podcast: Transform Your Oral Health Sustainably with Spicta

Green Gossip is a podcast that explores the latest news, trends, and stories from the world of sustainable living. It is brought to you by The Disposal Company and sponsored by Vanity Wagon. If you’re curious to learn more about sustainable oral care then read on.

Episode 3 | Sustainable Smiles: How Spicta is Taking Oral Care to the Next Level

In this recent episode of Green Gossip, we spoke with Kavita Yajnik, the Co-Founder of Spicta. Spicta is a new-age D2C oral care brand that offers a sustainable experience for your teeth with natural and non-toxic formulations. Kavita Yajnik realized that oral care needs to be an enriching experience as health begins with our mouth. 

Keep reading to get insights about Kavita’s thoughts about Sustainability and her vision for Spicta.

Green Gossip podcast is hosted by Bhagyashree Bhansali, the Founder & CEO of The Disposal Company.

Bhagyashree — You grew up in Bombay. What were some of the things that seeped into your mind and built the foundations for your sustainability vision?

Kavita — I remember one incident which made me more conscious about sustainability. One day my mom and I went to buy groceries from a local vendor. She returned back all the plastic bags which we had earlier in our home to him and asked him to reuse them. This incident built the foundation of sustainability in me.

Bhagyashree — Why you thought of a sustainable Oral Care brand? How are you doing things?

Kavita —  We use Sea Green Tea Leaf extracts or Aloe Vera extracts in our products which strengthen your gums and work as an antibacterial. Our products have innovative flavors like cucumber mint toothpaste or peach mint mouthwash. We also make plastic-free products.

Bhagyashree — What are the things that you as a brand are currently doing to offset your footprints?

Kavita —  We have taken the plastic neutrality initiative for which we’ve partnered with The Disposal Company which has made us a 100 percent plastic-neutral brand. So whatever the amount of plastic is generated TDC recycles the same amount on our behalf.

Bhagyashree — What’s your message to the audience listening to us and also to your fellow brand founders?

Kavita — When you are starting off there are probably a lot of things that you want to do but all may not be feasible at that point because of multiple reasons. If you are true to your thought and if you truly believe in something there will be ways in which you can make an impact on the environment.

The Bottom Line

Spicta has set a new benchmark in the oral care industry. They are building products after detailed consumer research as well as reducing their footprints in a sustainable way. Their journey proves that to make a sustainable brand you have to keep faith in your thought.  

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The Disposal Company is India’s first climate action platform which enables brands to go sustainable & plastic-neutral. Join us on Green Gossip as we delve into the personal aspect of sustainability through compelling stories. 

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