#GreenGossip Podcast: Sustainable Oral Care Story of Perfora

Green Gossip is a podcast that explores the life stories and vision of the famous sustainable brand’s founders. It is brought to you by The Disposal Company and sponsored by Vanity Wagon. Read on to know more about a sustainable oral care brand that thinks beyond brushing to add value to the oral care routine of its customers.

Episode 8 | Beyond Brushing: Perfora’s Sustainable Oral Care

Green Gossip podcast is hosted by Bhagyashree Bhansali, the Founder & CEO of The Disposal Company.

In this episode, the guest was Jatan Bawa, the founder of Perfora, a D2C oral care brand that aims to elevate your everyday dental regime. Here Jatan talked about his childhood lessons on the impact of waste products on the environment. Also, he took mindful steps in his business at the initial stage to reduce the negative impact on nature.

Perfora is a sustainable & holistic Indian oral care brand. They developed their product after extensive research by the experts and tested it to ensure functionality with effectiveness. They strongly believe in adding value to the life of everyday consumers.

Jatan grew up in a small village in Maharashtra. In his growing age, he saw a landfill in his village which really bothered him. He understood the idea of sustainability from his grandmother. His grandmother was following a zero-waste lifestyle. However, his family was conscious of the production & management of waste in daily life.

Jatan believes that oral care is an important part of our overall health. Instead of ordinary toothbrushes, his brand invented an electric toothbrush to reduce plastic waste. As a brand at Perfora they are trying to educate their consumers about oral hygiene regimes, and important ingredients of oral care products. His brand contributes 1% of its total revenue towards organizations that work on preserving and restoring the environment.

As a brand owner, he is always trying to positively impact the environment. Jatan thinks sustainability is a gradual process. Every business has to think about it right from the beginning to see the long-term impact.

Listen to the full podcast here to know more about their journey and brand vision.

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