#GreenGossip Podcast: How Vanity Wagon Combining Beauty with Sustainability

Green Gossip is a podcast that explores the life stories and vision of the famous sustainable brand founders. The podcast is brought to you by The Disposal Company and sponsored by Vanity Wagon. Read on to know more about how a sustainable beauty brand became India’s first and largest clean beauty marketplace with its natural and non-toxic products.

Episode 11 | Beauty Meets Sustainability: Vanity Wagon’s Journey

Green Gossip podcast is hosted by Bhagyashree Bhansali, the Founder & CEO of The Disposal Company.

In this episode, the guest was Naina Ruhail, the Founder & Director of Vanity Wagon, India’s first clean beauty marketplace. Here Naina shared her experiences growing up in a military family. It provided her with opportunities to discover various regions of the country and acquire abilities in fostering communities and forming new connections. She also discussed the concept of sustainability as a lifestyle, emphasizing that individuals embrace it in unique ways.

Vanity Wagon was founded in 2018 focusing on women’s health and well-being. They believe in sustainable beauty and stand firm in their mission to educate the audience and deliver what’s best for them in the long run.

The concept of sustainability was imbibed into Naina’s mind through the practices of recycling and reuse followed by her mother and grandparents. She believes quality education and gender equality are important to build a sustainable future. Her brand has partnered with Smile Foundation to support girl child’s education.

Naina believes that being sustainable is not expensive. Brands can follow some basic practices like minimizing wastage, and plastic-free packaging from the beginning to build a sustainable brand. Her brand has collaborated with The Disposal Company to become plastic-neutral.

All of our survival and well-being depend directly or indirectly on the environment. As a brand owner, she is conscious of the maintenance of ecological balances to preserve natural resources for future generations.

Listen to the full podcast here to know more about their journey and brand vision.

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The Disposal Company is India’s first climate action platform which enables brands to go sustainable & plastic-neutral. Join us on Green Gossip as we delve into the personal aspect of sustainability through compelling stories. 

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