Circular Fashion – A Way Forward

A conversation about the overall impact of circular fashion and its future prospects to mitigate the negative footprints of the fashion industry. 

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on a global scale, due to the vast amounts of waste and emissions generated during the production and disposal of clothing. The Disposal Company has organized a webcast to address the impact of traditional, linear, and fast fashion on the environment and the importance of circular fashion to build a sustainable future. The guest was Dr. Vikas Kumar, Associate Professor of the Department of Fashion Management Studies, at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna.

The webcast is hosted by Bhagyashree Jain, the founder & CEO of The Disposal Company.

Key Points

Dr. Vikas Kumar talked about sustainable living which is a series of choices that can be incorporated into the lifestyle of individuals to affect the ecosystem in a positive way. He mentioned Earth Overshoot Day which is a time by which the human race would have consumed all resources regenerated by the Earth in a particular year. In 2022, Earth Overshoot Day was on the 28th of July. It indicates that our consumption rate is increasing day by day whereas the natural resources of our planet are limited.

He showed the list of the top 10 countries regarding per capita textile consumption year-wise. Globally, the United States is in the top position, consuming 37.1 Kg of textiles per year. However, India is in the 8th position.

He discussed the differences between linear traditional fashion and circular fashion, the strategies for designing circular fashion, circular business models, alternate raw materials like organic cotton, wet and dry processing, and different types of recycling.

He is hopeful about the future of circular fashion as people are becoming conscious about their consumption.

Listen to the full webcast here to know more about the future of the fashion industry.

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