How Leading Celebrities Embrace Sustainability With The Disposal Company

Leading Indian celebs are embracing environmental sustainability through plastic and carbon neutrality with TDC to spark a positive change.

Plastic pollution constitutes a worldwide issue, with an annual discharge of 19–23 million tonnes of plastic waste infiltrating aquatic environments, and contaminating lakes, rivers, and oceans.

This pollution has the potential to disrupt habitats and the natural course of events, diminishing the capacity of ecosystems to respond to climate change. As a result, it directly impacts the livelihoods, food production, and overall social well-being of millions of people.

Some of India’s most famous celebrities and well-known brands have joined the fight against plastic pollution. These names are not just popular for their fame but also for their dedication to the environment. For instance, Kriti Sanon’s brand Hyphen, Alia Bhatt’s Ed-a-Mamma, Anushka and Virat Kohli’s investment in Blue Tribe, and Deepika Padukone’s 82°E have all shown a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. They understand that their influence can make a positive impact on a global scale.

As concerns about the environmental effects of plastic waste grow, an inspiring trend has emerged: the rise of plastic-neutral brands. In this movement, these celebrities are leading the way by recognizing the urgent need to reduce plastic waste. By aligning their brands with a mission that goes beyond business, they are actively helping to restore the Earth’s ecological balance while setting an example for millions to follow.

How The Disposal Company is helping these brands?

As these celebrities take the lead, The Disposal Company (TDC) steps forward as a key partner in their mission. The company is actively promoting ethical recycling methods, supporting waste workers, and encouraging sustainable behaviors. Together with these plastic-neutral pioneers, they are working towards a future where our planet is no longer weighed down by waste, communities thrive, and nature regains its balance.

Let’s look at these celeb brands


Alia Bhatt’s Ed-A-Mamma is revolutionizing the landscape of children’s fashion. Launched in 2020, the brand was born out of her observation of a significant gap in the market for a high-quality, locally-produced brand that offers eco-friendly clothing options for children, all while remaining budget-friendly. Ed-a-Mamma prioritizes the use of materials free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and artificial dyes, including organic cotton and innovative eco-conscious fabrics.

Checkout page of ed-a-mamma

To protect the environment from plastic pollution they bring an innovative way. Every time you are going to buy from their website, you will get an option to donate Rs. 1/- as a plastic neutrality contribution. TDC will recycle 40 gm of pre-existing plastic waste from landfills for your contribution.

This process sparks the thought among the consumers that whatever we purchase, it has a direct impact on nature.


Offering a selection of skincare products that are meticulously sourced, expertly crafted, and rigorously tested in clinical trials, 82°E is leaving a significant mark. Its commitment to carbon neutrality and plastic neutrality is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

After collaborating with TDC, 82°E has recycled 1200 Kg of plastic waste from the landfills. The brand has also contributed to a project that has the capacity to reduce more than 70 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. 

On World Environment Day, 2023, Deepika Padukone mentioned TDC for her brand’s achievement toward plastic and carbon neutrality.

The partnership between 82°E and TDC demonstrates the importance of collective action in preserving our planet.


Kriti Sanon’s Hyphen isn’t merely a skincare brand; it represents a sustainable transformation. Driven by a commitment to ethical standards and environmental consciousness, Hyphen’s product line is entirely vegan and guarantees a zero plastic footprint. It demonstrates its unwavering commitment to a cleaner and more eco-friendly planet.

Blue Tribe

Blue Tribe, a plant-based meat products company backed by Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, is establishing fresh benchmarks in the realm of plant-based beverages. Guided by a dedication to using only natural ingredients and employing sustainable packaging, Blue Tribe stands as a symbol of transformation. 

They have partnered with TDC for the ethical recovery and safe disposal of plastic waste from their packaging. Their initiatives underscore the idea that minor adjustments can result in significant transformations.


These celebrities are showcasing true leadership by promoting plastic neutrality within their brands. We’re observing the strength of their influence being used for a sustainable purpose, which underscores their dedication to a healthier planet. With The Disposal Company’s Seal Of Sustainability™, these brands are paving the way toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

Join the sustainability revolution in India with The Disposal Company’s innovative climate action platform, which enables brands to become plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral. Click here to find out more.

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