How Deepika Padukone’s 82°E is Changing The Sustainability Game in The Skincare Industry

In a remarkable stride towards sustainability, Deepika Padukone‘s skincare brand, 82°E, has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. Not only has it become plastic and carbon neutral, but it has also partnered with The Disposal Company (TDC), a prominent climate action platform in India. This collaboration has allowed 82°E to make a significant impact on plastic waste management and carbon offsetting, marking a turning point in the pursuit of sustainable practices in the skincare industry.

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Plastic Waste Management: A Resolute Commitment

82°E, in collaboration with TDC, has successfully recovered and recycled a staggering 1202 KG of plastic from India’s landfills. This bold initiative demonstrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to tackling the pressing issue of plastic waste. By meticulously auditing their plastic usage on a monthly basis, 82°E ensures that its plastic footprint remains neutralized. Plastic neutrality, a term coined to describe such efforts, embodies the ethos of responsible consumption and environmental stewardship.

Carbon Offset: Paving the Way for a Greener Future

In its pursuit of sustainability, 82°E has contributed to a transformative thermal energy production project. This project has the capacity to reduce a whopping 70,113 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. By offsetting their carbon emissions through such innovative projects, 82°E demonstrates its dedication to environmental conservation and combatting climate change. Carbon neutrality, a concept akin to plastic neutrality, encapsulates the brand’s commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint.

Reforestation Initiative: Breathing Life into Our Planet

Recognizing the vital role of trees in carbon sequestration, 82°E has embarked on a reforestation initiative. About 11,111 trees have been planted, ensuring the brand’s contribution to carbon sequestration and environmental restoration. By actively participating in reforestation efforts, 82°E reinforces its commitment to a greener future and highlights the interconnectedness between skincare and environmental preservation.

The Disposal Company: Championing Sustainable Solutions

82°E owes its plastic and carbon neutrality achievements to its collaboration with The Disposal Company. As a pioneering climate action platform in India, TDC provides sustainable solutions for brands, making sustainability accessible and mainstream. The partnership between 82°E and TDC exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in bringing about meaningful change. Deepika Padukone’s mention of The Disposal Company on Environmental Day further solidifies the brand’s commitment to sustainability and underlines the importance of collective action in preserving our planet. Together, they have elevated the conversation surrounding sustainability in the skincare industry.

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A Paradigm Shift towards Sustainable Skincare

82°E, with its plastic and carbon neutrality, has set a new standard for sustainable skincare. By actively addressing plastic waste management and carbon offsetting, the brand is transforming the industry and leading the way towards a greener future. 

82°E’s achievements are not only commendable but also serve as an inspiration for other brands in the skincare industry to embrace sustainability. By adopting the practices of plastic and carbon neutrality, brands can significantly reduce their environmental impact, conserve resources, and contribute to a healthier planet. Let 82°E be the catalyst for change in the skincare industry, propelling us towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

The Disposal Company is on a mission to transform India’s approach to sustainability, offering an innovative platform that allows brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral, and make a meaningful impact on the environment. Find out more here.


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