Ed-A-Mamma Combines Sustainable & Fashion Together With The Disposal Company

Here’s everything you need to know about a kid’s brand that takes conscious steps to reduce plastic waste in collaboration with TDC.

The fashion industry is recognized globally as one of the most environmentally damaging sectors, primarily because of the immense waste and emissions generated throughout clothing production and disposal. However, in recent times, numerous Indian designers and brands have taken proactive measures to tackle these issues by adopting sustainable practices. 

An essential aspect influencing the sustainable fashion market in India is the notable impact of Indian celebrities and influencers on shaping consumer behavior. One such example is ED-A-Mamma, founded by Alia Bhatt in 2020. It’s a sustainable apparel brand for kids.

Ed-A-Mamma combines fashion with nature through storytelling

Ed-a-Mamma, a mindful apparel brand, holds a deep concern for both children and the environment. The founder brings together her utmost passions: The Planet and the Children. Utilizing her expertise in storytelling, Ed-a-Mamma endeavors to weave captivating narratives, recognizing the universal appeal and power of a well-told story.

Their fabrics are all plant-based and biodegradable. They use safe dyes that are AZO-free. Their garments have plastic-free buttons and nickel-free metal trims. However, with every garment, you get a seed ball that you can sow in your garden.

Plastic Neutrality Journey

Ed-A-Mamma collaborated with The Disposal Company to make a comprehensive commitment to protect the environment from plastic pollution. They bring an innovative way for the customers to show gratitude to mother earth. Whenever you purchase from their website you can opt to donate ₹ 1/- as a plastic neutrality contribution. As a result, TDC will recycle 40 gm of pre-existing plastic waste from landfills on your behalf. Also, TDC will send you an E-Certificate for your contribution to join us in making a cleaner and greener future.

So, whenever you make a purchase on Ed-A-Mamma’s website, you can contribute towards plastic neutrality.

Impact of Ed-A-Mamma

The fashion industry has a significant environmental impact across various stages of its lifecycle, from raw material extraction to garment production, distribution, and disposal. In this scenario, Ed-A-Mamma is showing the path to other brands that have not found alternatives to plastic packaging. They also teach children the importance of tree plantation through their products. They have a campaign called #plantabeej where children are encouraged to send pictures of their garden.

Their ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ initiative helps children to understand the significance of donating old clothes to others. Alia Bhatt, the founder encourages other brands to implement sustainable practices by saying — “Because no matter who we are, no matter what we do, we all have one planet in common. And we’re all children of mother earth”.


In the future, the brand envisions extending its offerings beyond clothing. It has strategic plans in place to introduce a collection of storybooks documenting the adventures of a young girl, followed by an animated series. Additionally, they are exploring opportunities to expand into other product categories, like accessories and essential items for infants, as well as the development of safe and engaging toys.

The Disposal Company is excited to be a part of the reducing plastic waste initiative taken by Ed-A-Mamma.

With its pioneering climate action platform, The Disposal Company is leading the charge towards a sustainable future in India, enabling brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral with ease. Click here to find out how.

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