The Process of Achieving The Disposal Company’s Seal of Sustainability™

The significance of the seal of sustainability and the step-by-step process of getting it by The Disposal Company.

What is the Seal of Sustainability™?

The Seal of Sustainability™ is a form of recognition that businesses all around the world get when they do things that help the environment. This is given to companies that really try hard to do their business in a way that doesn’t harm the planet. 

It is also used to tell people about products and technologies that are good for the environment, and it can make people want to buy those things more.

What is the importance?

Acknowledgment for surpassing regulatory requirements and assuming a role as a pioneer and originator in sustainable business methods. 

Acquiring a potent tool for branding and marketing. 

Spotting chances for cutting costs. 

Elevating ROI while mitigating risks. 

Drawing and retaining skilled employees. 

Beneficial exposure among stakeholder circles. 

Appealing to potential investors.

The Disposal Company’s Seal Of Sustainability

In India, The Disposal Company (TDC) is helping many brands to adopt plastic-neutrality schemes in the process of building sustainable businesses. 

Industries that make everyday products like makeup, food, drinks, pet supplies, and stores have realized how crucial it is to handle plastic better. They want to make sure they’re doing their best to protect the environment by aiming for plastic neutrality. This also lets them prove they’re trustworthy by cutting down on the plastic waste they produce.

TDC makes your brand plastic neutral in 4 easy steps:

We measure your plastic footprint.

You fund the removal of an equal amount of plastic from landfills.

We retrieve the plastic waste from nature with our rag pickers. After that, we segregate the plastic and send it to recyclers.

The Disposal Company then gives you a Seal Of Sustainability™.

TDC collaborates with 70 brands across India, Singapore, and the UK. Its clients include companies like mCaffeine, Slurrp Farm, The Souled Store, Bombay Shaving Company, and Vanity Wagon.  

TDC works with recycling companies like Thermowaste Solutions.

Our Happy Clients

Some of our clients have expressed their gratitude after working with The Disposal Company.


A Seal of Sustainability™ can enhance your business’s reputation, attract environmentally-conscious customers, raise awareness, and contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s a way to demonstrate your commitment to both environmental responsibility and the well-being of your business.

Plastic neutrality offers a chance for environmentally-conscious brands to make a positive difference on the planet. It also generates sources of income for numerous waste workers.

Join the sustainability revolution in India with The Disposal Company’s innovative climate action platform, which enables brands to become plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral. Click here to find out more.

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