Women Eco-Entrepreneurs are Pioneering Sustainable Innovation in India

Discover how women are spearheading sustainable innovation across various industries, from electric vehicles to waste management and agriculture.

In a time when environmental awareness is crucial, women are leading the way in sustainable innovation, transforming industries with their environmentally conscious endeavors. These forward-thinking businesswomen are not just changing our definition of success; they’re also transforming our perspectives on business and sustainability. Whether it’s in renewable energy or zero-waste initiatives, these female pioneers are demonstrating that profitability can coexist seamlessly with the health of our planet.

Gul Panag

Gul Panag, a well-known figure in the Indian entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, has been a vocal advocate for sustainable living for quite some time. Her dedication to a more environmentally friendly future is evident in her entrepreneurial endeavor, Sunfuel Electric. Co-founded by Gul Panag, Sunfuel Electric is a startup focused on providing convenient charging solutions for electric vehicles throughout India, making a significant contribution to the battle against climate change and air pollution.

Beyond her pioneering work with Sunfuel Electric, Gul Panag has actively participated in India’s inaugural green auction, throwing her support behind sustainability and environmentally conscious businesses and startups. Moreover, her commitment extends to investments in, which stands as Asia’s largest online marketplace for natural, safe, conscious, and green products. 

Neelima Mishra

Neelima Mishra, originating from Odisha, stands at the forefront of advocating for gender-inclusive climate action through her social enterprise, Ceiba Green Solutions. Her journey took a significant turn during the 2019 Arctic Ocean expedition, where she witnessed the staggering amount of waste even in the most remote areas of the planet. Upon returning to Odisha, she encountered widespread and unsanitary waste issues in her city, prompting her to establish Ceiba Green Solutions.

Through the implementation of innovative and comprehensive waste management strategies, the company now offers a wide range of services, including waste disposal and management, recycling, composting, waste-to-energy solutions, as well as awareness and training programs. Ceiba Green Solutions actively assists businesses, government entities, and communities in reducing their carbon footprints and environmental impacts. 

One notable project at the Accountant General Office in Bhubaneswar has resulted in the composting of approximately 60 kilograms of canteen waste daily, which is then utilized as fertilizer for the office lawn. In recognition of her leadership in combating climate change, Neelima was honored with the YII Utkal Samman Award by the Governor of Odisha.

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza, renowned for her contributions as an actress, producer, and entrepreneur, shines as a guiding light in environmental conservation and wildlife protection. With steadfast dedication, she has fervently advocated for biodiversity preservation and tirelessly campaigned against plastic pollution for many years. Serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNEP (UN Environment Programme), she amplifies crucial messages on climate action, and air and water pollution to global stakeholders. Her commitment goes beyond mere advocacy, evident in her investments in sustainable ventures.

Her dedication transcends words into actions, exemplified by her zero-waste wedding and plastic-free celebration of her son Avyaan’s second birthday. At 42, she continues to work tirelessly, embodying values that she actively instills in her children, aiming to create a greener and more sustainable world for future generations.

Kunjpreet Arora

Kunjpreet Arora, originally from Udaipur, Rajasthan, and the founder of Angirus India Pvt. Ltd aligns herself with the holistic approach of the #GreenHustlers campaign, which utilizes both online and offline platforms to amplify the voices of eco-entrepreneurs. She has garnered widespread recognition for her commendable efforts in bridging the gap between construction and automation through sustainable technologies. Arora has pioneered an in-house technology capable of transforming plastic and industrial waste into bricks, aptly named ‘Wricks.’ These innovative bricks boast a strength of 40% higher, absorb 80% less water, and weigh 30% lighter than traditional clay bricks. Notably, Wricks possess a unique feature of water impermeability, effectively preventing wall leakage and deterioration, thereby ensuring an extended lifespan.

Sai Gole

Spearheaded by Sai Gole, BharatAgri employs an algorithmic approach to offer precise guidance to farmers regarding crop selection, optimal planting schedules, and effective crop management techniques. Alongside co-founder Siddharth Dialani, who also hails from IIT-Madras’s Centre for Innovation, the company initially emerged as LeanAgri in 2017 before undergoing rebranding. With an impressive user base of around 100,000 individuals, including 2,500 paying farmers, BharatAgri stands out as the sole enterprise in India to effectively monetize information-centric agricultural services. 

Through its mobile application, the company aids farmers by providing a comprehensive farming calendar for the entire year, courtesy of its unique algorithm. Bharat Agri aims to extend its services to regions like Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, and other states with a strong emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices.


As we move forward, these examples serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, showing that with determination and vision, individuals can make a significant difference in building a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come. By supporting and amplifying the voices of eco-entrepreneurs and advocates, we can collectively work towards a future where business success is synonymous with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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