Vanity Wagon builds up the largest Clean Beauty Marketplace in India with TDC

Vanity Wagon is replacing your skincare products with natural and organic alternatives in a sustainable way.

Clean beauty is a term used in the cosmetics and skincare industry to describe products that are formulated with a focus on using natural, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly ingredients. The concept of clean beauty emphasizes transparency in ingredient sourcing, ethical practices, and sustainable production methods. 

Vanity Wagon was established in 2018 with a clear focus on addressing the growing demand for sustainable beauty and mindful living. Driven by concerns over the planet’s declining health and the detrimental impact of chemical-infused products on society, Naina Ruhail undertook thorough research and analysis to examine the specific scenario in India. 

After several months of study, her findings culminated in the creation of a user-friendly platform — one that aimed to enlighten and acquaint individuals with a curated selection of beauty and personal care items that are both safe, effective, and free from harmful toxins.

Vanity Wagon is India’s first clean beauty ecosystem

Vanity Wagon becomes India’s largest clean beauty marketplace in the last 4 years. It approves every brand through 3 step process – proper research of ingredients, testing quality, and finally informing the community about the product. 

Distinguishing itself from other portals, its information-driven platform is uniquely complemented by its service offerings. Notably, their service collection features the exclusive Belle Box subscription service, setting them apart even further.

Vanity Wagon’s Plastic Neutrality Journey

Vanity Wagon has collaborated with The Disposal Company to reduce plastic packaging waste. As the brand believes in conscious and sustainable living, becoming plastic-neutral is a way to minimize its carbon footprint. The founder of the brand discussed their brand’s vision in a conversation during The Disposal Company’s podcast ‘Green Gosssip’.


Vanity Wagon aims to keep the Indian Community informed about clean skincare products. On the other hand, they are conscious about adopting sustainable measurements to limit their impacts on the environment.

The Disposal Company and Vanity Wagon are partnered to make a plastic-neutral clean beauty marketplace in India.

India’s sustainability landscape is being transformed by The Disposal Company, which is offering a pioneering platform that empowers brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral. Learn more here.

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