The Rise of Sustainable Startups to Watch in 2024

Discover the dynamic world of Indian unicorns that are adopting sustainable practices to develop and produce their products for a greener future.

Amid the global shift towards a more environmentally conscious future, India’s startup ecosystem is actively embracing sustainability. The year 2024 signifies a pivotal moment for green technology and sustainable startups in India, with numerous unicorns leading the charge. 

Embracing Sustainability: The Green Tech Movement in India 

India’s dedication to sustainability is evident through its proactive decarbonization measures and its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. The country is emerging as a prominent center for climate technology investments, ranking ninth globally in climate tech investment. In recent years, Indian climate tech firms have attracted substantial venture capital funding, showcasing the nation’s innovative capabilities in addressing climate change through technology. This innovation spans various sectors, including agri-tech, electric vehicles (EVs), and software solutions for sustainability.

Noteworthy Sustainable Unicorns 

While India boasts a vast and diverse array of unicorns, it’s essential to highlight those that are making significant strides in sustainability. Let’s take a closer look at five unicorns distinguished for their green initiatives.

Ola Electric — Transforming the EV Sector 

Operating under the extensive Ola conglomerate, Ola Electric has made significant strides within the electric vehicle (EV) market. With a mission to electrify transportation in India, Ola Electric’s endeavors in producing electric scooters and establishing an extensive charging infrastructure exemplify its dedication to curbing carbon emissions and advancing sustainable mobility.

ReNew Power — Spearheading Renewable Energy 

Recognized as one of India’s foremost renewable energy enterprises, ReNew Power leads the charge in transitioning towards renewable energy sources. Their initiatives encompass solar and wind energy ventures, playing a pivotal role in India’s renewable energy objectives and showcasing the scalability of renewable energy solutions.

Ather Energy — Shaping the Future of Electric Transportation 

A standout in India’s EV sector, Ather Energy is renowned for its innovative electric scooters that seamlessly blend performance with environmentally friendly technology. Supported by Hero MotoCorp, Ather is democratizing electric mobility for Indian consumers, illustrating the fusion of technology and sustainability.

GreenCell Mobility 

While not classified as a unicorn, GreenCell Mobility deserves recognition for its impact in the green technology realm, particularly its focus on electric public transportation to enhance urban mobility sustainability. 

Zomato — Championing Sustainable Practices 

Despite its primary identity as a food delivery service, Zomato is increasingly prioritizing sustainability through initiatives such as reducing plastic usage and promoting eco-friendly packaging. This commitment not only minimizes waste but also sets a precedent for other food industry players to embrace eco-conscious practices.


These unicorns represent just a fraction of India’s burgeoning green tech revolution. With investments pouring into climate technology and sustainability taking center stage across various industries, the future appears promising. As these startups, alongside others, continue to innovate and expand, they play a crucial role in advancing a global shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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