Mainetti’s Sustainable Expansion: Unveiling Eco-Friendly Plastic Bag Plant

Discover an eco-friendly plastic bag manufacturing plant that is expected to manufacture 1.3 million plastic bags daily, integrating recycled content of up to 100%.

Mainetti, an Italian company specializing in apparel and packaging, has inaugurated a fresh plastic bag manufacturing plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This new establishment covers an area of 85,000 square feet and employs recycled materials sourced from Mainetti Polyloop, a closed-loop recycling mechanism initially introduced in 2021. According to Mainetti’s announcement, the Polyloop system has garnered significant interest and demand from retailers, brands, and garment manufacturers across Asia.

Capacity of the Plant

Mainetti employs a transparent polyethylene recycling procedure to rid packaging of ink, labeling, and impurities. The Polyloop method involves gathering unused polybags from distribution centers, where they undergo cleaning and processing in the UK before being dispatched to Mainetti’s manufacturing facilities overseas, including the newly established plant in Bangladesh. 

With an annual processing capacity of 4,000 tonnes of recycled material, the system enables Mainetti to integrate up to 100% recycled content into its production process.

The Dhaka facility is anticipated to produce 1.3 million bags daily, encompassing transit bags, self-seal adhesive bags, and display bags. Additionally, production is slated to commence soon for paper banderoles, with plans underway to manufacture hangers, care labels, and tags incorporating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Mainetti also has intentions to integrate solar panels into the new factory, to generate 650 kW of clean energy.

Michelle Boon, Mainetti’s global head of flexible packaging, remarked, “This strategic move not only positions Mainetti to meet the evolving needs and demands of retailers across the UK, Europe, USA, and Australia but also underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation.” She added, “The new facility showcases the latest advancements in responsible packaging for the retail, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, providing us with ample capacity to support our growth objectives. With Mainetti, we utilize 100% recycled content plastic, much of it sourced within a closed-loop circular economy solution for flexible packaging and films.”


In 2021, Mainetti joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Network, pledging to transition 60% of their hanger production by tonnage to recycled materials by 2025, achieve a minimum of 75% renewable energy usage by 2025, and cease the procurement of all single-use plastic water bottles.

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