Slurrp Farm Brings a Sustainable Diet Plan for Kids with The Disposal Company

A kid’s food brand introduces a sustainable nutrient-rich diet plan while beating plastic pollution with TDC for a greener future.

Worldwide, the diets of children are abundant in nutrient-deficient foods containing refined wheat flour (maida), trans fats, excessive sugar, and salt. There is a concerning increase in health issues among children due to these unhealthy eating habits. 

Childhood obesity is becoming more prevalent, and children are at a heightened risk of developing lifestyle-related illnesses.

Slurrp Farm is a food brand specializing in packaged food products for children, primarily based on millet. The idea for this brand emerged from the shared concern of two mothers who recognized the shortcomings of the existing food system. 

They believed that innovation and creativity were necessary to reintroduce sustainable, nutrient-rich, and varied ingredients into the diets of kids. Their vision was rooted in the belief that this approach would contribute to the well-being of children, farmers, and the environment, ensuring their collective happiness.

Slurrp Farm has Reinvented kid’s diets

The most effective method to address the excessive consumption of refined flour is to substitute it with nutritious grains such as millet. In India, we have convenient access to a variety of ten different types of millets. Among these, Ragi stands out as the most frequently utilized millet, known for its rich nutritional content.

Their product range features a wholesome blend of components that encompass millets, lentils, oats, amaranth, ragi, nuts, jowar, along with nutritious sources of fats like butter, fruits, vegetables, jaggery, and honey. 

In total, the brand provides an extensive selection of 20 different products, including puffed snacks, millet pancake mix, millet dosa mix, cereals, and cookies crafted with real butter.

Slurrp Farm’s Plastic Neutrality Journey

Slurrp Farm was established with the aim of providing kids with food that is not only nutritious and delicious but also environmentally sustainable. 

However, the brand recognizes that traditional plastic packaging is detrimental to our environment. This led them to partner with The Disposal Company to uphold their commitment to #DoNoHarm to the planet. TDC has helped the brand to recycle 32 tons of plastic waste from landfills.

Slurrp Farm allocates 1% of its earnings to support the #FeedOurChildren initiative in collaboration with Akshaya Patra. Through this partnership, they commit 1% of every sale to furnish nourishing and well-rounded meals, enriched with millets, to children enrolled in government schools. This effort aligns with India’s largest nutrition program, the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.


Food plays a crucial role in the comprehensive growth of a child, as it provides the essential components for their development. The ingredients of colorful packaged food are negatively impacting kid’s health. Slurrp Farm has brought sustainable solutions for modern parents who are unable to find proper food habits for their kids.

The brand has teamed up with The Disposal Company to reduce its plastic footprint to demonstrate its social responsibility.  

Say goodbye to plastic pollution and carbon emissions with The Disposal Company’s game-changing platform, which helps brands in India to become plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral. Click here to find out how.

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