Plastic Neutral Beauty: An Important Step Towards Sustainability

Keep on reading to know the steps on how can beauty brands achieve Plastic Neutrality for a sustainable business.

It’s not a piece of new information that beauty brands have a packaging problem. The global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion packaging units annually. 

But, brands have become conscious of the plastic pollution their packaging causes.

When it comes to sustainability, many brands have taken positive steps, whether by adopting a zero-waste policy, switching to environmentally friendly materials like aluminum, or investing in refillable products.

Plastic-neutral beauty is the newest concept that’s becoming popular. Although it may seem contradictory, when done correctly, it can have a positive impact on the environment. Going plastic-neutral could be the solution to the problem of plastic pollution now that single-use plastic is banned in India.

So, what is Plastic Neutral Beauty?

Plastic Neutral Beauty

Plastic Neutrality goes one step further than zero waste, most zero-waste beauty brands just avoid the use of plastic altogether. In order to become truly plastic-neutral brands, beauty brands need to contribute a portion of their profits to verified impact initiatives that will reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce through their packaging and business activities.

Plastic neutral means we remove the same amount of plastic as a brand uses. There are several startups that work towards plastic neutrality, The Disposal Company being the pioneer in the field. 

The Disposal Company has collaborated with leading beauty brands like BodyCafé and mCaffeine and has recycled more than one lakh kilograms of plastic.

Recently, 82°E, a leading skincare brand in collaboration with TDC, has successfully recovered and recycled a staggering 1202 KG of plastic from India’s landfills.

It goes without saying that there is no way to magically stop the production of plastic, but by operating in this way, brands can fund initiatives that assist in better managing the plastic that is already present in our environment. 

How Can A Beauty Brand Become Plastic-Neutral

Going plastic-free, reducing plastic usage in products and packaging, and replacing plastic with plastic alternatives are all helpful to reduce plastic pollution. But, to make a long-term impact and contribute noticeably towards ending plastic pollution, brands need to invest in durable plans, i.e. Plastic Neutrality.

How can a brand become truly plastic-neutral? Read on to find out the methods to becoming a sustainable brand as we break down the steps for achieving plastic neutrality.

A brand must first determine how much plastic it uses. Although it might seem straightforward, this involves the entire supply chain, not just the products that end up in your hands.

Once the numbers are calculated, brands frequently collaborate with a group that cleans up the environment by removing plastic. An example would be mCaffeine partnering up with The Disposal Company for attaining Plastic Neutrality.

mCaffeine has invested in a social enterprise in India that specializes in the ethical collection and disposal of hazardous MLP (Multi-laminate plastic) waste through The Disposal Company.

In the case of The Disposal Company, we help the brand become Plastic Neutral and provide the brands with a Seal of Sustainability indicating Plastic Neutrality. This seal can be used from any point in the supply chain to verify the Plastic Neutrality of the brand. This helps to send the message of the brand’s climate impact commitment to customers.

The Plastic Neutral initiative benefits local communities in addition to preventing plastic from entering the ocean. Through this partnership, we can support marginalized waste workers’ wages while also funding innovative, sustainable waste management.

The Bottom Line

So how do you get involved? Easy! Start by looking for brands that are investing in positive waste schemes offered by organizations like The Disposal Company (TDC). These companies work to reduce single-use plastics from their operations and offer up their excess products for reuse or recycling. This means less waste going into landfills and oceans—and more resources that go back into your life instead!

The Disposal Company is revolutionizing the way brands approach climate action in India by offering a cutting-edge platform that empowers them to achieve plastic neutrality. Learn more here.

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