OatMlk Initiates Sustainable Dairy Alternatives with The Disposal Company

Discover the sustainable journey of OatMlk, offering an eco-friendly dairy alternative. They have partnered with The Disposal Company to offset their plastic footprint. 

Oats are a nutritional powerhouse, filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They excel in fiber and protein content, aid in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and possess satiating properties ideal for weight management.

Oat milk, crafted from whole oat grains and extracted with water, boasts a creamy texture and a flavor reminiscent of oatmeal. Compared to dairy milk, oat milk utilizes 80% less land, emits less than one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions, and requires merely 4% of the water to produce one liter.

OatMlk, an Indian brand offers a pathway for all individuals, whether grappling with lactose intolerance or embracing exploration beyond conventional choices, to savor the delight of wellness. They bring a harmonious blend of nutrition, preservatives, and lactose-free, sourced from local ingredients, and free from added sugars. It marks a pivotal stride toward a healthier dairy alternative. The brand owners of OatMlk discovered the perfect blend of oat milk after a hundred and sixty-two experiments. Once upon a time, they were victims of lactose intolerance.

OatMlk is partnered with The Disposal Company

The brand collaborated with The Disposal Company to embrace its vision of a sustainable future by committing to complete plastic neutrality in its operations. They recognize the significance of environmental consciousness is as pivotal as prioritizing health consciousness.


The joy of savoring flavors and the profound contentment of contributing to environmental stewardship are encapsulated in their ethos. In essence, it’s about conserving our planet’s resources while indulging in the goodness of well-being. The brand has discovered a sustainable and healthy alternative for lactose-intolerant people. 

India’s first climate action platform, The Disposal Company, is paving the way for a greener future by providing brands with the tools they need to achieve plastic and carbon neutrality. Learn more here.

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