Formula 1 Embraces Sustainability with Forest Stewardship Council-Approved Tyres

In a significant move towards sustainability, Formula 1 has transitioned to using ethically sourced tyres, aiming to shed its gas-guzzling image and align with global efforts to combat climate change.

The tyres supplied by Pirelli, a staple in F1 races, have now been replaced with those approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), signifying adherence to stringent standards for sustainable forestry practices.

This shift comes as Formula 1 sets its sights on achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and endeavors to distance itself from its reputation for environmental harm. Former Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has previously expressed concerns that the sport could face potential bans due to its contribution to climate change.

The FSC certification guarantees that the natural rubber used in manufacturing the tyres has been sourced responsibly, thereby mitigating the adverse impacts of deforestation associated with rubber production. While natural rubber constitutes approximately 15% of the rubber content in F1 tyres, the remainder is synthetic.

With the FSC logo now prominently displayed on all tyres used in the ongoing F1 world championship season, Pirelli asserts that its certification signifies compliance with the highest standards for sustainable forestry practices.

Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli’s executive vice president for motorsport, sustainability, and future mobility, emphasized the significance of this milestone in Pirelli’s sustainability journey. He stated, “Formula 1 is an extraordinary open-air laboratory for us… [it] allows us to unite maximum performance with a commitment towards an increasingly sustainable world.”

Fabian Farkas, Forest Stewardship Council International’s commercial director, lauded Pirelli’s leadership in addressing the environmental and socio-economic challenges within the natural rubber value chain. He emphasized the compatibility of performance and sustainability, underscoring the FSC’s readiness to support global companies in following this example.

This initiative by Formula 1 and Pirelli underscores the industry’s collective commitment to embracing sustainability and reducing its ecological footprint. As the sport continues to innovate, it strives to demonstrate that performance and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously.

In a parallel effort, McLaren Racing’s Formula 1 team has also embarked on trials of recycled carbon fiber, with the aim of developing a fully circular F1 car by 2030, further solidifying the sport’s commitment to sustainability.

By adopting Forest Stewardship Council-approved tyres, Formula 1 takes a significant step towards greener and more responsible racing, setting a precedent for sustainability in the automotive industry.


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