Indulgence Meets Sustainability: Leading the Charge with India’s Eco-Friendly Food and Beverage Brands

Explore four sustainable food and beverage brands that are leading the charge to beat plastic pollution with The Disposal Company.

India, renowned for its rich and varied culture, holds food and beverages in high regard. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion, the beverage sector in India has experienced remarkable expansion. From age-old homemade concoctions to contemporary carbonated beverages, the array of choices in Indian beverages is vast. 

In this article, we will look closely at some sustainable beverage brands in India that have taken remarkable steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Naagin Sauce 

Established in 2019, Naagin Sauce stands as India’s inaugural hot sauce label, harnessing premium Indian chilies. The brand is dedicated to introducing India’s vibrant spice heritage to food enthusiasts, aiming to instantly elevate flavor experiences. They firmly advocate that every individual endeavors to enrich their ongoing culinary adventures. 

Naagin Sauce has partnered with The Disposal Company to achieve plastic neutrality, reflecting its commitment to minimizing its plastic impact as a sauce brand.


Flavure aims to cater to the widespread desire for snacks that are both delicious and nutritious. By embracing the authentic essence of natural flavors, Flavure presents a selection of tasty treats devoid of artificial additives. Their flagship offering comprises savory olives infused with Indian-inspired flavors, conveniently packaged for on-the-go indulgence. What distinguishes Flavure is its dedication to seamlessly harmonizing health and flavor, ensuring that healthy eating is effortlessly accessible.

In a bid to mitigate its plastic footprint, Flavure has partnered with TDC to support the collection of an equivalent amount of plastic to what they utilize. Moreover, TDC’s Eco-Friendly API, integrated into the Flavure website, encourages consumers to actively engage in fostering plastic positivity.

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Established in 2016, GO DESi was born out of a deep appreciation for the pristine beauty of the Western Ghats and its locally sourced produce. Through their platform, consumers can access a variety of products, including DESi candy, DESi snacks, and DESi Herbs, sourced from rural micro-enterprises. This initiative not only provides economic opportunities for marginal farmers but also adds value to the food value chain.

GO DESi serves as a packaged food brand, drawing inspiration from regional flavors, tastes, and formats. The brand aims to guide its customers through the vast diversity of tastes, flavors, and narratives that India offers. Products like DESi POPz have garnered widespread popularity, available in over 15,000 stores nationwide. 

The brand has collaborated with The Disposal Company to neutralize its plastic waste.

TagZ Foods

Established in 2019, TagZ Foods specializes in producing popped potato chips, boasting a manufacturing process that eschews frying or baking, resulting in chips with 50% less fat. Their products are free from cholesterol, trans-fat, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and gluten.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, TagZ Foods prioritizes environmental responsibility by maintaining plastic neutrality. They recycle an equivalent amount of plastic to what they generate, aligning with their mission as a GenZ brand to leave the planet in a better state than they found it. 


These sustainable beverage and food brands in India are not only revolutionizing taste experiences but also leading the charge towards environmental consciousness. Together, they represent a promising future where indulgence meets sustainability in the vibrant landscape of Indian cuisine.

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