Verandah Makes History as First Indian Fashion Brand to Attain Prestigious Butterfly Sustainability Certification

Verandah, a prominent name in India’s resort and swimwear sector, has etched its name in the annals of sustainable fashion by securing the esteemed Butterfly Mark certification. Conferred by the renowned sustainability assessment entity Positive Luxury, this certification recognizes Verandah’s steadfast dedication to minimizing environmental impact and enhancing social standards across its spectrum of operations.

As the trailblazing brand to clinch this prestigious accolade in India, Verandah emerges as the vanguard of sustainable practices, emphasizing the paramount importance of people and the planet alongside profitability. Through a series of concerted initiatives such as repurposing production waste to craft unique accessories, leveraging eco-friendly fabrics derived from renewable sources, and fostering local artisanal talent, Verandah exemplifies how sustainability can seamlessly intertwine with top-tier design aesthetics.

The rigorous assessment process of the Butterfly methodology scrutinizes various facets of a brand’s business framework, encompassing supply chain management, material procurement, and more, to gauge its sustainability prowess. Verandah’s stellar performance across all evaluation criteria underscores its comprehensive sustainability-centric ethos. This milestone solidifies Verandah’s standing as a conscientious industry frontrunner, spearheading transformative change through its impactful endeavors.

In an era marked by heightened consciousness, consumers are gravitating towards brands that espouse ethical and eco-conscious values. By establishing itself as the epitome of sustainable fashion, Verandah not only sets a new benchmark but also resonates with today’s socially-aware clientele. This triumph in certification underscores Verandah’s visionary stewardship and serves as a beacon of inspiration for others within the industry to embed sustainability at the core of their operations.


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