Uber Unveils ‘Emissions Savings’ Carbon Footprint Tracker to Promote Sustainability

In a bid to empower riders to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle, Uber has rolled out a groundbreaking feature called ‘Emissions Savings,’ allowing users to monitor their carbon footprint akin to checking their Uber user rating. This innovative move underscores Uber’s commitment to sustainability and its mission to drive towards a low-emissions future.

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The ‘Emissions Savings’ feature, now available globally, enables riders to track the environmental impact of their trips, comparing the emissions generated by using Uber Green (its hybrid and fully electric option) or Uber Comfort Electric (its fully electric car service) with those produced by the standard Uber service. By providing this real-time data, Uber aims to incentivize riders to opt for more environmentally friendly transportation choices.

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi expressed the company’s dedication to facilitating a seamless transition towards a low-emissions lifestyle, stating, “We’re on a mission to make it effortless for Uber riders to embrace a low-emissions lifestyle. Starting today, we’re introducing the Emissions Savings feature in the app, so riders around the world can track and learn more about their carbon emissions impact.”

Khosrowshahi emphasized the significance of knowledge in driving sustainable choices, drawing parallels to Uber’s introduction of rider ratings to promote respectful behavior. He highlighted the new feature’s role in both acknowledging users’ environmental impact and encouraging greener transportation alternatives.

Uber has been proactive in promoting sustainable practices within its ecosystem, including initiatives to incentivize drivers to transition to electric and zero-emission vehicles. One notable example is its partnership with Hertz to provide electric car rental options.

This move by Uber aligns with broader industry trends towards sustainability, as evidenced by UEFA’s recent launch of a carbon footprint calculator for football clubs and the UK government’s commitment to achieving zero-emissions status for all cars and vans by 2035.

As Uber continues to pioneer sustainability efforts in the ride-hailing sector, the introduction of the ‘Emissions Savings’ feature marks a significant step towards fostering a more environmentally conscious transportation culture.

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