Truvitals’ Journey Towards Holistic Nutrition with The Disposal Company

Discover how Truvitals is revolutionizing children’s nutrition with scientifically validated ingredients, expert guidance, and a commitment to plastic neutrality.

As parents, our innate desire is to offer our children the most optimal upbringing possible. However, in the contemporary landscape, this aspiration has transformed into a formidable task. Despite having unprecedented access to resources, providing our children with the same innocence and simplicity we cherished during our upbringing has become increasingly challenging. This holds especially true when it comes to nurturing their overall development and ensuring their nutritional needs are met.

Truvitals strongly advocates for the ethos of homemade meals, the hectic pace of modern life coupled with the easy availability of unhealthy food options often hinders your efforts. Unfortunately, alternatives to traditional home-cooked meals often contain refined ingredients such as sugar, bleached flour, and detrimental oils like palm oil. 

The brand crafts its products using the finest scientifically validated ingredients for each formulation. Subsequently, the ultimate product, boasting the utmost nutrient density, undergoes rigorous sampling with a minimum of 70–100 children and mothers for validation before it is introduced to the market. 

Also, they have assembled a scientific advisory board comprising pediatricians and specialists in child nutrition. Their dedicated team is available to address any inquiries parents may have, not only providing guidance on what actions to take but also elucidating the underlying reasons. Truvitals firmly believes in the importance of educating parents about the science of nutrition, which is why they offer complimentary nutrition consultations conducted by their child nutritionists. 

The brand offers Nutriboost Milk Mix, Protein & Calcium Chocolate Diskettes, Multivitamin Gummies, Protein Pasta, Millet Cookies, and many more. 

Truvital’s Plastic Neutrality Journey with The Disposal Company 

The brand is not only concerned with developing kid’s food that is rich in nutritional value. They have taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact. Truvitals has collaborated with The Disposal Company to neutralize its plastic waste. It’s a 100% plastic-neutral brand.


Truvitals transcend the mere identity of a brand; they represent a movement advocating for a healthy lifestyle starting from childhood. The brand firmly believes that every child is entitled to comprehensive nutrition, and every parent deserves holistic guidance from their team of nutrition experts.

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