Tea Trunk is Creating a Sustainable Sipping Story with The Disposal Company

Read on to know more about a global tea brand that became plastic-neutral in collaboration with TDC.

Tea is a favorite beverage for many people around the world. Tea comes in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from delicate and floral to bold and robust. Many people find the process of making and sipping tea to be soothing and comforting. It can be a way to unwind, de-stress, or find a moment of tranquility amidst a busy day.

In 2013, Tea Trunk a D2C Indian brand was established by Snigdha Manchanda, a Tea Sommelier, with the aim of directly sourcing teas from farmers and skillfully crafting them into distinctive blends. Her passion for tea made her build a top-notch tea brand for the tea-lovers.

Tea Trunk redefines the Art of Tea Blending

Tea Trunk specializes in curating the highest quality Indian tea leaves and skillfully creating one-of-a-kind blends using entirely natural ingredients. Their teas are made from whole leaves, ensuring a flavorful and healthy experience. With their dedication to artisanal tea blends, they offer the freshest and most authentic source for purchasing tea online. They directly source teas from within India and provide worldwide shipping. 

Their teas are free from artificial colors or additives. They always try to ensure that consumers can enjoy tea the way it should be — pure and delightful. 

Plastic Neutrality Journey

Tea Trunk has turned plastic neutral brand in 2021 by collaborating with The Disposal Company. They continuously work toward becoming a more sustainable brand.

They have chosen TDC Offsets, a plastic-positive API, and integrated it into their e-commerce platform. This integration allows them to responsibly offset the plastic used in each order by employing ethical measures.

The founder discussed her brand’s vision and sustainable initiatives in a conversation during The Disposal Company’s podcast ‘Green Gossip’.

The Bottomline

The Indian tea industry is thriving to achieve sustainability by making changes at various levels of its operations. Tea Trunk covered a significant milestone by adopting plastic neutrality.  

The Disposal Company is elated to be a part of such a phenomenal beverage brand.

The Disposal Company is on a mission to transform India’s approach to sustainability, offering an innovative platform that allows brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral, and make a meaningful impact on the environment. Discover more here.

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