Nestlé Achieves Impressive 13.5% Reduction in Net Emissions in 2023

In a significant step towards combating the climate crisis, Nestlé has announced a remarkable reduction of 13.5% in its absolute net emissions across all scopes in 2023.

The latest sustainability report from the multinational FMCG giant reveals that it has reached the halfway mark towards its ambitious 2025 net zero target, aiming for a 20% reduction in absolute emissions. Nestlé is now setting its sights even higher, with plans to achieve a 50% cut in absolute terms across its net zero scope by 2030.

A key strategy in Nestlé’s sustainability efforts is its commitment to supporting farmers in adopting regenerative agriculture practices. This initiative has resulted in more than 15% of Nestlé’s key ingredients being grown in more regenerative ways.

Nestlé’s chairman, Paul Bulk, and chief executive, March Schneider, emphasized the centrality of regenerative farming to their net zero roadmap, stating that it is “at the heart” of their efforts. They highlighted the collaborative work with farmers and suppliers, particularly in reducing supply chain emissions, with a special focus on dairy production.

The transition to regenerative agricultural practices is being seen as vital, not only for environmental sustainability but also for supporting growers and their families.

In a move towards promoting sustainable sourcing, Nestlé recently introduced a new KitKat bar made with cocoa mass from families enrolled in Nestlé’s cocoa income accelerator programme, which champions regenerative farming.

Furthermore, Nestlé has joined forces with other leading food and beverage companies to commit to a regenerative agriculture standard set by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI).

Among the other achievements highlighted in the report, Nestlé revealed a significant reduction of 14.9% in virgin plastic usage compared to a 2018 baseline. Additionally, it was disclosed that 83.5% of Nestlé’s plastic packaging is designed for recycling.

Nestlé’s commitment to sustainability and its tangible progress in reducing emissions and promoting regenerative practices underscore its leadership role in addressing the pressing challenges posed by the climate crisis. Subscribe to Sustainability Beat for the latest updates on environmental initiatives and sustainability efforts worldwide.


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