Naagin Sauce is Spicing Up Food Sustainably with The Disposal Company

Read on to find out how an Indian hot sauce brand took up plastic neutrality in collaboration with TDC.

Sauces are famous for several reasons. They add flavor, versatility, and personalization to meals. They have cultural significance, enhance the visual appeal of dishes, and allow for creative culinary exploration. Their ability to elevate the taste and texture of food makes them an essential component of many cuisines worldwide.

Naagin Sauce, founded in 2019 is the first Indian hot sauce brand, using premium Indian chilies. The brand’s mission is to bring India’s rich spice culture to those who are passionate about food with immediate enhancements in taste. 

Naagin Sauce improves the journey of Food Exploration

Their objective is to showcase the vibrant spice culture of India across kitchens and dining tables worldwide. They firmly believe that everyone seeks to enrich their lifelong journey of exploring food. With this in mind, they embarked on a mission to create an authentically Indian Hot Sauce that embodies the essence of India. 

They use locally produced fresh ingredients. Their products are free from high fructose corn syrup and 100% vegan. 

Their aim is to enhance people’s lifelong culinary adventure while infusing India’s rich and intense bond with spices with a contemporary flair.

Plastic Neutrality Journey

Naagin Sauce has collaborated with The Disposal Company to become plastic-neutral. Being a sauces brand they are conscious about their plastic footprint. They believe in taking small steps every day to become better, not perfect. The Co-Founder of the brand discussed their brand’s vision in a conversation during The Disposal Company’s podcast Green Gossip’.

The Bottom line

The food and beverage industry is taking significant steps to lessen its environmental footprint. Naagin Sauce is one of them. They are removing plastic waste from the environment as well as making memorable food exploration journeys for their consumers.

The Disposal Company is thrilled to be a part of this unique hot sauce brand.

With its cutting-edge platform, The Disposal Company is redefining the meaning of corporate responsibility in India, enabling brands to go plastic-neutral and carbon-neutral. Find out more here.

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