mCaffeine Brings Sustainable Caffeine-Based Skincare with The Disposal Company

India’s first personal care brand introduces caffeine in the skincare routine and takes significant steps to neutralize plastic waste from the environment.

Caffeine has extended its role beyond the mornings and is now making a significant impact in the beauty industry. In October 2016, mCaffeine was established following nine months of extensive research, revealing caffeine’s remarkable qualities as a superfood rich in antioxidants and beneficial properties for both skin and hair. 

As a result, caffeine has taken center stage as the primary ingredient in all of their product offerings. This D2C brand specializes in crafting skincare, facial care, and hair care products infused with caffeine.

mCaffeine India’s first caffeine-infused personal care brand

Caffeine’s remarkable qualities as a tonic for both hair and skin were first recorded in the Canon of Medicine by the Persian physician-philosopher Avicenna in 1025 CE. Drawing inspiration from these ancient insights, the brand is dedicated to providing top-notch skin and hair care products enhanced by the power of caffeine. 

They create premium, globally acclaimed products infused with caffeine, harnessed from Coffee, Green Tea, and Chocolate. The enchanting properties of caffeine found in Coffee, Green Tea, and Chocolate work wonders for hair and skin care.

It’s a Peta-certified brand committed to 100% vegan and cruelty-free practices. Their products have received FDA approval, carry the Made Safe certification, and undergo rigorous dermatological testing. They are meticulously formulated without the inclusion of SLS, parabens, silicones, or mineral oils.

mCaffeine’s Plastic-neutrality Journey with TDC


The brand has successfully attained a Zero Plastic Footprint, aligning with its environmental responsibility. Their commitment involves partnering with The Disposal Company (TDC) to recycle the same amount of plastic that they use in their business. 

This collaboration not only contributes to reducing plastic pollution but also enhances the livelihoods of waste workers by adding value to hard-to-recycle plastics. It also supports well-established recycling social enterprises that empower waste workers through safety training and skill development. 

As a prominent figure in the beauty industry, mCaffeine is acutely aware of the serious threat posed by plastic pollution to our planet’s future and is resolute in taking action to combat it.


In 2015, the brand’s founder encountered an accident resulting in a painful eye condition. One individual recommended placing a warm, steeped green tea bag on the affected eye to alleviate puffiness. Much to the founder’s amazement, this simple remedy effectively diminished the puffiness. Intrigued by this result, he delved into research and discovered that the caffeine in the green tea had a remarkable impact on reducing swelling. This marked the inception of the mCaffeine journey.

However, mCaffeine is the first one among those 60+ brands that embrace the plastic-neutrality scheme after collaborating with TDC.

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