JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu Champions Sustainable Hospitality Practices

In an era where sustainability is paramount, guests are increasingly prioritizing eco-conscious choices in their travel experiences. Recognizing this shift, Marriott International has set ambitious sustainability goals for 2025, aiming to reduce global carbon, water, and waste footprints.

One notable initiative in this journey towards sustainability is the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu’s groundbreaking ‘ARC program.’ Recently unveiled, the ARC program embodies the hotel’s dedication to fostering a greener future through a comprehensive framework of values and initiatives. ARC, which stands for Aware, Regenerative, and Collaborative, encapsulates the hotel’s commitment to sustainability across all aspects of its operations.

Under the ‘Aware’ pillar, the hotel emphasizes mindfulness and environmental consciousness. Initiatives like the Serene Space, JW Garden, and lotus pond with Koi fish reflect this commitment, creating an environment that nurtures sustainability.

The ‘Regenerative’ aspect focuses on implementing sustainable practices to innovate and extend the property’s longevity. Through robust recycling programs and the integration of organic amenities, the hotel aims to minimize its environmental impact and promote positive change.

Lastly, the ‘Collaborative’ pillar underscores the hotel’s commitment to engaging and empowering the local community. By partnering with local farmers and fishermen for sustainable food sourcing, the hotel not only supports local livelihoods but also enhances its culinary offerings.

Girish Gaikwad, the hotel’s Chief Earth Officer, emphasizes that ARC represents more than just a visual identity—it symbolizes the hotel’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. For conscientious travelers seeking luxurious yet guilt-free getaways, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu offers an ideal destination to make a positive impact on the environment while indulging in world-class hospitality.

With its innovative ARC program, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu is setting new standards for sustainable hospitality practices, demonstrating that luxury and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.


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